My unit is asking me for a name and registration code (Ozi Explorer)

All you need to do is to press either the "OK" or the "X" and that will exit that screen. From there, in the lower right corner there is a small white box with a red "X" in it -pressing this will exit Ozi and take you back to the main screen. If you are having trouble selecting the small icons, use the stylus included with your unit. From there, press the "Setup" button and this will allow you to choose which program you want to use: VMS off road or Ozi Explorer. We recommend VMS Off Road as it is very easy to use and does come with a number of high quality maps. You can add more maps, specific to your area later on if you wish.
Ozi Explorer is written by a completely separate company to VMS. Some people prefer to use Ozi Explorer, so we load a demo version on the units so customers have a choice of program. If you did wish to use Ozi Explorer in full, a registration code will need to be purchased from Ozi Explorer. Without registration, the program will stop tracking every 20-30 minutes and come up with a message saying that you are running the demo version and a watermark will show in the background.