How to import routes that I want to plan on google earth?

You will need: google earth (not google maps) and GPSbable, both are free downloads
Open google earth (not to be confused with google maps) Top left corner of google earth click “Add path” Draw path Give path a name and then on the left hand side right click on the path you’ve just made and select “Save place as”, make sure you save it as a “Kml (*.kml)” type file. Click save Close google earth Open GPSbable Input file wants to be of format “google Earth (Keyhole) Markup Language”. Output format wants to be “GPX XML” format.
In translation Options make sure that only “routes” is ticked.
Click filters; only have “miscellaneous” ticked.
Tick “transform” and in the drop down box select “tracks -> routes” and tick the “delete” box.
Click file name in input and select the google earth file that you just made.
Click file name in output and select the output folder and give the file a useful name.
Click “Apply” in the lower right corner.
Close GPSbable.
Copy the .gpx file you just made with GPSbable on your sdcard \ VMS \ gpx \ route folder.
Turn unit on and start VMS off road.
Route will be in “route list”.

There is a video tutorial here: