I’m getting the error message of “Cannot connect to GPS receiver when trying to go into off road navigation. Help!

99% of the time this issue is caused by entering the off road navigation twice. For an example, think of Windows when you double click a program. It takes a while to load up, so you double click it again and it opens two versions of the program. This is the same for our units - they will automatically load the last program running (street/off road) so when you turn it on just let it boot up. Failing that, when you exit one program to switch to another give it a second! One way to check if two versions of the program are running is to exit the program and if another version is also running behind that one, you will have to exit two programs. As the unit only has one GPS receiver, with two programs running it confuses the programs and one of them will be unable to retrieve GPS signal because it will already be in use.