How do I add new off-road maps?

Whilst the units do come with a number of off road maps, more detailed maps of certain areas may be required. This is down to the user to source or supply as Australia is a big place and supplying detailed maps for the entire of Australia is limited by both the capacity of the card and the license fees charged by the mapping companies. There are many mapping providers (Rooftop, Geoscience Australia, Dept of Lands, NSW Topo, etc), and they all offer different areas with differing levels of detail.
For your maps to be compatible with your VMS unit, please ensure they are either ECW or TIFF formats and they will need to be geo-referenced (most maps that you buy will be already, however if you are scanning your own maps you will need to geo-reference them yourself). Once you have your maps, you will then need to copy the VMS map converter off the card. This is found off the root directory>VMS>VMS map converter. If you then run the setup.exe file it will install the map converter. If you fire the program up, it will give you a few options, but clicking the ‘close’ button will take you to the map converter. From here if you click the folder icon next to the source folder and select the folder/maps you wish to convert and you can then set a destination folder in the same manner on the other side, if you then click the “>” button to move the maps to the destination side of program, then click the “edit” button to give the maps a name and copyright, click convert and away you go. Once the maps have converted you can move them to the unit and place them in the root>VMS>Maps and hit the dirt!